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Musings on nature

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Since the longest time, I've been working on mostly portraits, but I've always loved nature, animals, and landscapes. Lately I have been starting to get back into doing paintings with that subject matter, but still keeping a lot of my style and ideas in it. I've been thinking a lot about dreams and spirituality and how I can use those things that are dear to me in my art work. I am also finding that I can do artwork without a real strong conceptual purpose and just sort of allow my creative energy to flow and make something that I find beautiful that just comes out of me rather than structuring any intellectual concept. It is hard for me because over the years I have really been an over thinker and had too much going on inside my head. I suppose then it makes sense that now while that is bubbling inside in emotion and feelings, and they all want to come out. It almost feels like a process of coming back to an old self or a younger self that has not felt or lived as much. It becomes a healing as while I am working, a lot of that comes out of me and sometimes I find myself just breaking into tears for no good reason. This innocent little fawn is a painting in progress. It is in the color glazes stage, and just about finished. It is healing to paint innocent creatures and to paint images for myself, as I tend to overthink the beginning ideas of what I should paint and that freezes my creativity quite a lot. Does anyone else have that issue? I feel like a lot of my schooling sometimes comes up to tell me my art has to be something or do something and then I get stuck on trying too much rather than just making. It feels like a new journey.

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