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I am an artist who creates artwork both in “Realism” and "Magic Realism".  I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2004 from Columbus College of Art and Design and a Master of Fine Arts in 2006 with a specialization in painting from Bowling Green State University. Graduate school was a defining moment in my life, culminating in the "Technique Mixte" workshop where I learned the technique that I would adopt and adapt from professors Patrick Betaudier and Dennis Wojtkiewicz.  I taught as an adjunct professor at Columbus College of Art and Design before I moved to France where I lived and worked in the city of Angouleme for 10 years. Now, I am living in Virginia where I am newly installed. Currently, I am working as adjunct professor at Blue Ridge Community College and working at the Staunton Montessori School.

My style, which leans towards "Magic Realism", consists of portraits and figures that blend reality into fantasy. I desire to combine the mind, body, and soul of each figure into a cohesive image. My images utilize auras and stylized space to represent spiritual energy, rendered flesh for the physical, and facial expression, posture, and gesture for the emotional and mental states. I also delve into taking sculptures, animals, and objects into this realm, where every choice has symbolic meaning for myself and my audience. I desire to create images that inspire one to go inward and imagine the many planes of existence. Some of my pieces have subtle stylization, others are more dramatic and could feel like stained glass coming to life.

My paintings exist on multiple levels. They cross from physical to spiritual likeness and these levels coexist and are equally important in conveying the fullness of the subject. There is a sense of drama in these paintings that is heightened by the lighting, color, and pattern. This is often combined with an aura which reveals a specific manifestation of spirit and matter. My portrayals of my subjects are interpreted through my own perceptions and observations as I discover life and my relationships by closely looking at all aspects of life, expression, and physical and metaphysical appearance. By exploring subjects and different facets of myself, I see the complexity of personality and of life. Art provides me with a way to take what is so personal and internal and transform it into an external object that can speak of my experiences and perceptions so that others can take what they have seen and experienced into them. I hope to give inspiration to others through my artwork.

I also am an author who has written and self-published the novel “A Stranger from Afar” which is the first in a series called the Kahladian Khronicle. This book which features my own illustrations is available for purchase on Amazon or can be ordered by contacting me. I am also accepting commissions for any occasion, and I am eager to create a unique piece of art for you to suit whatever you desire be it a portrait (people and animals) or any other subject. I can create an original artwork for you in either a realistic or magic style.

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